Rum Tasting Glass
Rum Tasting Glass
Rum Tasting Glass
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Rum Tasting Glass

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Savor your favorite rums more than ever with the Final Touch Rum Tasting Glass.

Any rum-sipping experience is vastly improved by allowing the nuanced aroma to flourish.

This specially designed rum tasting glass from Final Touch features a curved bulb shape with flared top that promotes the release of rich aromas. The "rock" on bottom further enhances the experience by creating natural liquid motion that completes the aroma nosing.

Take your enjoyment of rum to a new level. Order your Final Touch Rum Tasting Glass now!


  • Explore a deeper flavor of rum with this cleverly designed tasting glass
  • Curved profile with flared top releases aromas from the lower bulb
  • The bottom of the glass is designed with a "rock" which creates a natural liquid motion further increasing the nosing of aromas
  • Made of clear glass
  • Dishwasher safe

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