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FREE FAST SHIPPING - ON ALL ORDERS! We are now Solar Powered!
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About Us

Cheers All is located in Beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine. We pride ourselves on bringing you a curated selection of quality barware & related accessories that are both functional & elegant. We want to provide you with items you enjoy owning and that will bring a smile to your face when you get to use them.

Your whole experience should be something you slow down to enjoy. Start by contemplating the perfect beverage for the moment, hear the “pop” of the bottle opening (or the snap sound of the can opening), selecting the proper glassware for the beverage, the sound of the liquid pouring into the glass, inhaling the aromas, and then finally, savoring that first delicious sip. Then, when you get to your last, perhaps you do the whole process again.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve spent in the Food & Beverage industry. It has been apparent to me that most people don’t consider the impact the proper glassware has on your whole experience. If you don’t think glassware matters, try this quick test, pour some of your favorite beverage into a Dixie cup and some in a nice glass, do a taste comparison… Once you experience the difference first hand, it’s easy to understand the impact glassware has.

Other than the beverage you choose, the vessel you drink from is the most important thing you can do to enhance the flavor and the experience you have. Glassware presents the beverage in a beautiful manner, it can capture and deliver aromas to your nose as you sip, and in some cases the glassware can actually increase the carbonation in the beverage.

Let us help you ensure you have the proper glassware and bar accessories to enhance your beverage experience so all you have to do is choose what to drink!



I was not sure if my husband would appreciate these because he is a beer snob and can be pretty picky but he absolutely loves them.


I bought my wife one of these for her birthday, I was amazed at how great these glasses are. I'm hoping she gets me one for my birthday now!


These glasses have a really solid base, I thought they'd be a bit tippy but the weight keeps them upright. I wish it could keep me upright after a few...


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