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Wine Glasses & Stemware

Wine is one of the most delicately balanced beverages we drink, that's why using the proper glassware is essential. The glassware for each style of wine has its own specific characteristics often intended to highlight and complement elements of the wine it’s designed for.

The depth of flavor you experience from wine is enhanced if you pour, serve and drink the wine in ways that enhance the flavor. It starts when you open the bottle. Does the cork and the bottle smell ok? Did the wine get aerated as you poured it into the glass? Does the glass capture the aromas and deliver them to your nose as you take a sip? The aroma is going to be the most impactful part of the experience and it will highlight the flavors you’ll taste.

For the above reasons, many wine lovers prefer to drink out of glassware designed for the style of wine they are imbibing. You may think this sounds a bit “wine snobbish” and I hear you, but first, hear me out… If you don’t think the glassware matters, go grab a dixie cup and a wine glass and drink any style of wine out of both glasses in a side-by-side comparison. (Sure, go now, I’ll sip my wine while you get yours ready.) Ok, so did you notice the difference? That is why glassware matters, you’ll get a similarly better experience if you drink your wine out of the CORRECT glassware. It’s not that other glassware makes wine taste bad, it just doesn’t taste as full, rich or wholesome as it does when served properly. Just as you can imagine how a heavy Bordeaux wouldn’t be nice to consume out of a champagne flute, you can understand why some people are just as particular about Rosé being served in a Chardonnay glass.

With all of that said, if you don’t want cupboards full of wine glasses, there are still some really good all around universal wine glasses that make regular wine glasses like the dixie cup in the previous example. So you can still have the enhanced flavors and aromas to have a great experience with an elegant glass that is designed for wine. If you get an appropriate glass, you’ll actually be able to taste the difference. This is why bar owners at upscale establishments invest in their glassware. It’s an easy way to ensure your customer is happy with their wine choice.

Your quest for premium quality wine glasses has never been easier, with Cheers All’s wine glass selection you know you’ll be getting elegant, top quality glassware that enhances your whole experience.

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