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Spirits & Cocktails

As any bartender or “mixologist” will tell you, serving spirits and cocktails takes a lot more than just shaking and/or stirring; it involves a superior level of creativity, timing and of course the proper drinkware vessel. We here at Cheers All are proud to offer a selection of vessels that are practical, elegant and will enhance the enjoyment you get from having a drink at the end of the day. 

Check out our selection of containers that range from the fun and functional “skull” decanter, to the moscow mule mug, or my personal favorite, the “solid as a rock” rocks glass. 

The sheer amount of spirits and cocktail vessels on the market today can make it overwhelming to seek the appropriate glassware for the occasion. Luckly, in most cases with spirits the flavors are such that the vessel has more to do with presentation rather than flavor enhancement. That’s not to say the glasses won’t influence the flavor, just that it won’t be as noticeable because spirits already have such vigorous flavors. When selecting your vessel for Spirits it’s important to consider the beverage you’ll be consuming in it. A nice Tennessee Whiskey will present better in a heavy solid glass that really makes you contemplate each sip while a Moscow Mule seems to always taste better in a Stainless Steel lined copper mug.

At Cheers All we’ve spent years perfecting our list of exquisitely made glassware and containers to offer you the most elegant and practical cocktail glasses, Whiskey, Bourbon & Scotch Cube Glass, Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, Rocks Glass, and a selection of hand crafted barware that you’ll be thankful to own.   

Cheers All - One Stop Solution for Spirits & Cocktails

Moscow Mule Mugs | Stainless Steel Complete Mixer Set | Skull Decanter 32 oz. | Ice Cubes Pack With Tongs

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Frequently Asked Questions

The different types of glassware for drinks have different significance and meanings, depending on the use and significance, you can use glassware. For instance, Narrow openings are for white wine while broader openings are more suitable for red wines.

Yes! It does, your choice of glassware for any drink such as Whiskey will matter as it gives different breathing space. Similarly, Bourbon & Scotch Cube Glass will affect the way you experience bourbon as they can give a different aroma with these specialty glasses compared to differently structured glasses.

Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses 3 ⅞ inches long with a capacity of around 8.25 oz approximately depending on the type. Standard martini glasses can be 3 to 10 oz and 6 to 12 oz for oversized glasses.

Whether you want a tall, casual or short cocktail, there are glasses for everything. You can buy Spirits & Cocktail Glasses from the Collection of premium quality glassware by Cheersall.

Choosing rock glasses can be tricky, you can find different shapes and styles to buy rocks glassware. Some people don’t have specifications, but many drink lovers prefer to use different glassware for different drinks. If you are looking for a gifting option for drink lovers, funny birthday rocks glass can be a great idea. 

Cheersall is the best place to buy high-quality and different types of wine glasses according to the type of wine. Whether you are buying for yourself, or want to gift someone, Cheersall is a great place to buy alcohol special products.