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Using proper glassware will drastically improve the aromatics and the flavors you experience from your drinks. Once you taste a beverage with the correct glassware, you’ll understand how much it amplifies the flavors you experience and captures the essence of your beverage.

Then you may ask, why doesn’t a good glass just work for all beverages? Why do different drinks need different glasses?

This is where it gets a bit complicated… You need different glasses for different beverages because… The beverages are all different! When you think about it, it makes sense. Different drinks have different properties. Some have more acidity, others more alcohol content and with that comes a different mouthfeel. Some drinks BURN (in a good way) others are smooth and almost silky. These factors change the way glassware effects the beverage and how you experience it.

The impact of the design, size, and shape of a glass cannot be overemphasized because, it is not just the shape of the glass but the combination of these factors that make the glass right for the beverage.

Maybe you yourself don’t think the glassware matters, or you don’t even drink, but you feel the need to impress your guests with quality glassware. Pub ‘N’ Co is here to help you solve that problem! Our curated glassware offering makes sure you have the proper glassware for every occasion!

Not only do we sell the best quality glasses for all kinds of drinks, but we also have essential beer glassware, wine & spirits accessories like bottle openers, coasters, steel mugs and a lot more. You can also find gifts for beer or wine lovers in our collections. Our products are very affordable and available on our online store. You can enter the All-Collections page on our website to see everything we offer or browse through our sections to find the exact thing you are looking for!

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