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5 simple ways to get more flavor from your beer.

First of all, let's start with: it's your beer, drink it however you want! But, if you want to experience the most flavor out of your beer, keep reading, these tips will help you maximize the flavors you get.

Start with beer the right temperature

Temperature is important, in general, an easy rule to remember is the stronger the beer, the closer to room temperature it should be served. Most US breweries expect their beer to be stored and poured at 38ºF. Mass produced pilsners and lagers are designed to taste best at very cold temperatures, they are intended to be cold and refreshing. However, if you are drinking a double IPA or an imperial stout let it warm up to about 55ºF and you’ll start to notice the more subtle flavors that you have previously missed. Afterall, it doesn't need to be ice cold, this is not a beer you are going to crush at the beach...

Beer So Cold It ll make your teeth hurt

The proper way to pour

Okay, first of all, I didn't make that video, I'm not sure why they decided on the swanky tunes for the intro... But, did you notice that the Sommelier in the video does not use a standard bar "shaker" pint glass to pour his beer into? That is because beer glass shape matters when it comes to flavor.

If you are like me, after watching this video you regret all those times you tilted the glass and trickled the beer down the side of the glass and your non-beer experienced friend was fighting off 3” of foam and you thought “Ha Ha!, he doesn’t know what he’s doing…”

If you really want to Maximize the flavors out of that IPA or stout, start with the tilt but then pour the beer right down the center of the glass. Own it, pour that beer! The “side pour” will result in too much gas and not enough aroma or flavor. A vigorous pour not only opens up the flavor, it also releases some of the excess CO2 that is otherwise expanding in your stomach. On the downside, you may have to pour the beer a couple of times to fill the glass but you’ll notice that you’ll have a nice dense head of foam that lasts and you'll feel much less bloated. With the proper glass you'll also have nucleation points at the bottom of the glass to keep the C02 releasing continuously.

Use a clean beer glass

Have you ever received a pint at the bar and noticed that there are bubbles on the side of the side of the glass like the photo on the right? This is NOT what you want for a beer glass. The bubbles are able to cling to the side because the glass is not clean and the CO2 is gripping to whatever is on the glass. I actually tried really hard to get a glass dirty enough to photograph. I left a dirty glass out overnight to dry then I took that same glass and sprayed soap on it (to simulate soap scum) and then I put it outside to dry and collect dust. Needless to say if you get a glass with bubbles on the side; IT'S REALLY DIRTY. After just a few minutes you can see the dirty glass completely loses what little head it had too.

Bubbles stuck to the side indicate a dirty glass.


This video shows the bad "dirty" bubbles. The bubbles are stuck to the side of the glass.

In the video to the left, the glass shown has bubbles coming up from the bottom because it has laser etched nucleation points. Nucleation points are designed specifically to release CO2 the entire time you are drinking your beer which allows the head to remain and the aromas to continue releasing. These types of bubbles are a good thing, they enhance flavor. Knowing the difference is key, spotting the difference is easy. The dirty glass type bubbles are static and stay stuck to the side. Nucleation bubbles are constantly moving and are released from the bottom of the glass.

Choose the right glass  

Choosing the right glass can make all the difference. Beer glasses are often overlooked but can greatly enhance (or hinder) the beer's flavor.

From the Aroma standpoint, nothing helps beer more than having a narrower top than middle (think red wine glass). Not sure if you believe the hype? Grab a bulbous red wine glass and a shaker pint: pour ½ the beer in each glass and compare. You will definitely notice a difference in the beer’s aroma and flavor.

Our Ultimate Pint is a glass designed specifically for beer from the bottom up. Starting with the hop leaf etched nucleation points on the bottom of the glass, then the narrow base for comfort and to reduce heat transfer. The bowl shape allows the beer to open up and the incurved rim captures the aroma. Finally, the turned out lip directs beer to all parts of your mouth to maximize the flavors.

The Ultimate Pint's shape allows you to get the most from all styles of beer without having 10 different style glasses. To learn more, click here or the learn more button below.

Rinse and repeat  

Yup, the final step is simply that easy. Keep your glass clean to maximize the flavors, even if you are drinking another of the same beer.



These are great glasses!! I bought them just for the simple reason that my friends would know which glass was theirs at a party.

But, I was really surprised that the glass actually does make a difference with the flavor of the beer!

It really makes my IPAs taste so much fresher, I thought it was a gimmick but it actually works.



Best beer glass hands down.

I have been drinking beer out of whatever glasses i have at home, and it wasn't much better than drinking out of a bottle or can.

But this glass is fantastic. It really lets off the aroma of the beer, and captures the flavor very well. You hold it by the top lip so your beer doesn't get warm from your hand.

And the "etched nucleation" points on the bottom of the glass is SO cool! When there's beer in the glass, it makes a tornado of bubbles!!!

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