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FREE FAST SHIPPING - ON ALL ORDERS! We are now Solar Powered!
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Ultimate Pint 6-Pack

These glasses are designed from the bottom up for beer.

Starting with our nucleated hop leaf, the etching on the bottom of the glass releases CO2 the entire time your beer is in your glass. Constantly releasing CO2 increases aromas and flavors.

The narrow base gives you a comfortable place to hold the beer and transfers less heat to the beer.

The large bowl and narrow top trap the beer’s aromatics while the flared lip releases the beer to the palate and the volatiles to the nose.

The glasses are stackable and dishwasher safe.

PARTY PACK OF ULTIMATE PINTS - Never Lose Your Glass Again! 100 Points Nucleation Uniquely Labeled

Same Glass style glass as the Be Hoppy Ultimate Pint Glass. But, in this case; each of the 6 glasses has a unique hop on the glass allowing party-goers to easily identify which glass is theirs! Each six pack includes one glass with:

  1. Admiral
  2. Cascade
  3. Galaxy
  4. Mosaic
  5. Simcoe
  6. Warrior

All that is left is to click add to cart and to assign your friends a glass at the beginning of a party and you never have to wonder, "is this my glass?

6 Pack Price: $36.99 FREE FAST SHIPPING

Ultimate Pint 6-Pack