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Be Hoppy Ultimate Pint


Get Explosive Flavors From Your Beer with a glass designed specifically for beer.

The Be Hoppy Ultimate Pint is designed specifically to enhance the flavors you get from your beer.

How does it do this?

The bottom of the glass has a hop cone laser etched into the bottom of the glass. This helps you beer retain it head and constantly releases CO2 which is then continually releasing flavors and aromas from the beer.

The narrow base gives you a comfortable way to hold the glass while minimizing the heat you transfer to the glass from your hand.

The wide bowl shape allows the aromas to collect within the glass and the narrower lip then contains those aromas so they don’t leave the glass allowing you get more aromas from your beer (which contributes to flavors that you taste). The flared lip then gives you a nice wide opening to drink your beer without your face touching the rim of the glass. The glasses are easily stackable and have the same footprint as a standard shaker pint glass.