Ultimate Pint Glasses

Ultimate Pint 6-Pack

The perfect gift for the beer lover and entertainer in your life.

These glasses are each uniquely labeled with a different style of hop on each glass. You and your guests will always know which glass theirs. These glasses are especially designed for beer. The etched nucleation points on the bottom expand the flavors you experience with every beer you drink. Buy today for the beer lover in your life!


$36.99   FREE FAST SHIPPING INCLUDED       (only $6.17 a glass)

Be Hoppy - The Original Ultimate Pint

Beer finally has a glass designed to enhance flavors and aroma.

For way too long we have been drinking beer out of glasses designed to mix drinks in.

Finally experience beer the way it's intended, by drinking beer out of a glass DESIGNED for beer. It's narrow base, bowl shape and etched nucleation are all designed to enhance the nuanced flavors in your beer. This is the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life.

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