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Best Beer Glass for 2019 - Do Beer Glasses Really Make a Difference?

The US Craft Beer revolution has arguably led us to have the best beers in the history available to us simply by going to the grocery store. 

But, while the Craft Beer revolution has been changing the way beer is appreciated, it hasn't been able to change our view of how important glassware is to the experience. In Belgium, they truly understand how important glassware is to the flavor, in fact, a bartender can be FIRED for not serving a beer in the appropriate glass... Why have we been so slow to adopt this mindset?

Since the repeal of the prohibition in 1933 bars have been serving beer in Shaker glasses, the glass 1/2 of the Boston Cocktail Shaker. There are many folk lore stories as to how they went from the side lines to becoming a beer glass but it seems most logical that they were there. A case of the right time/right place.

This was arguably fine when all beers had the same light lager profile. Garret Oliver Brewmaster for Brooklyn Brewery perhaps sums it up best with this quote: "Complaining that your glass wasn't good enough for your beer would have been like complaining your paper plate wasn't good enough for Wonder Bread,".

In terms of sheer utility, the shaker glass was exceptional. It was cheap, durable, steady, and stacked easily. A server needed to worry less about splashing or spilling than with a dainty flute, or about smashing that fancier glass on the way back to the bar. For managers, using the shaker for draft beer meant you needed fewer kinds of glasses in your bar, saving money and precious shelf space.

As beer has steadily improved over the last 30+ years, we have failed to bring all the standards up with it. It's time we started treating craft beer with more respect like we do with a fine wine or whiskey. The brewer's have put a lot of effort in to get you the best tasting beer they can; and if I can say so myself, they have done an excellent job!

But what to do? Well, over the years people have realized that the shape and style of glassware matters. While certain beers benefit from specific characteristics, there are some universal traits that benefit all beers. The Cheers All Ultimate Pint takes these characteristics and combines them into one glass. 

*updated 6/24/19 

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  • Ray albright on

    Got my Be Hoppy pint glass . Am amazed how it really brings out the flavors in any beer I pour in it! Might have to buy a set!!

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