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Knowing the Right Glassware Before Buy

Everyone loves a good drink and there’s always a particular feeling of satisfaction when drinks are taken from the right glassware. It is agreeable to enjoy our drinks better in the right glassware, where the problem lies is the selection of the best glassware product to drink with. To solve this problem, we must understand what glasses are and the various types of glasses. 

Glasses are vitrified ceramic products popular for their lightweight, transparency and brittleness. They are normally handled with care to avoid shattering because, beyond the smooth surfaces of some glass products, when cut, they reveal dangerously sharp inner structures. We have annealed glass, and laminated glass (used to make glassware).

Buying glassware may seem like an easy thing to do, at least on the first instance, but when you are faced with various types and properties of the various brands in the market, it stirs confusion. When you get into a glassware store, you will realize that there are so many different products, styles, types, decors – from low end glassware to high end designer brands. We have outlined a guide to assist you in making the right choice. 

Let’s now consider the most important features of good glassware. First you must find the glassware meant for the drink you want to buy glassware for. Whether you need a glass for wine, martini, beer or whiskey, there is usually a specific type of glass for each drink. And this is important because the special design and geometry of a glass helps to intensify the derivatives of a drink such as smell, temperature and sparkles or foam. A perfect glass for beers affects the aroma and the taste as well. 

It is also important for good glassware to be clear to display the actual color of the drink it holds. While colored glasses are still acceptable, the clarity of a glassware should be such that the drinker can easily see through the glass in case of any dirt or contamination and to observe the nucleation in beers. Regular glass may be cheap and more durable, but it doesn’t shine the same way as crystal.

Most importantly, the composition and the actual production technique should be heavily considered. Some glassware contain Lead Oxide (Bo) which is known to contaminate acidic beverages like wines, juices, scotch, and vodka. Also, handcrafted glassware is preferred over machine-blown glassware due to the homogeneity of the handcrafted glassware. Crystalline glassware is normally patronized more due to its resistance to indentation and scratch, thermo shock and mechanical damage.  Another important feature of crystalline glassware is that it’s lead-free and the ecological production preserves our Earth and the health of glassmakers as it is practiced in our production labs.

Finally, if you are in search of special features, you must choose the hand-made glassware provided by Cheers All Pub accessories store. We have the best quality glassware and Beer Glasses for Ship's officers, Beer Glasses for captain, Beer Glass for chief Engineer At affordable prices on our online store.

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