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Glassware Items You Need In Your Home Bar

If you're someone that likes to have a drink or two occasionally, having a home bar is ideal. It keeps you from getting into trouble with your spouse for staying out too late and if you have too many drinks, you don’t have to worry about getting home! 

While I could continue to try and convince you that you need a home bar; that's not the focus of this article and even if you don’t  have your own home bar, you’ll still appreciate having the proper glassware! Let’s take a quick  look at the glassware essentials you need in your home to make your experience more amazing. 

When it comes to flavor, Beer and Wine glassware is really important to make the flavors really explode! But that is “if” you get the correct glassware.When it comes to beer glassware, there is a wide variety available. Of course, you can use any and every kind of cup when drinking your beer, but there is a reason for these different kinds of beer glasses. They aren't just for fancy; they all have specific roles to play. The wide variety and styles of beer glasses on the market were often meant to emphasize or enhance the aromatic components present in different types/styles of beer. And, as we all know, the aroma has a significant influence on how we perceive flavour. As a result, the proper beer glass may elevate your beer-drinking experience to new heights.

The following are some of the most popular varieties of beer glasses and what styles they work best with.

American pint glasses: The 16-ounce American pint glass is the most basic glass that we are all familiar with. It’s common because it’s practical, cheap to manufacture and easy to stack. Yup, we are talking about the glass with the large mouth and the narrow base, it’s used at pubs and restaurants across the United States, where it's used to serve almost all beer styles. While it probably doesn’t detract flavors, it certainly doesn’t enhance them either. It’s basically just a universal glass to put beer in… In some cases, that is all I need, something to pour beer into. 

Imperial Nonic pint glass: The imperial nonic pint glass, like its near sibling, the American pint glass, is all-purpose. However, unlike its American equivalent, the imperial pint carries a full 20 ounces, so it is a 20 oz beer glass and the “bump” at the top helps give a place to grip it as well as provides a slight bowl to somewhat enhance the flavors. This glass also has a thin lip at the mouth, which makes it comfortable to sip from. Consider it a good go-to glass for British beers and lagers such as pale ale, India pale ale, amber/red ale, brown ale, porter, milk stout, oatmeal stout, and Scotch ale.

Nucleated glasses: Nucleated glassware can come in almost any shape, size or style, these glasses feature nucleation points on the bottom of the glasses. This is an etched mark on the interior bottom of the glass. The nucleation point aids in the release of the beer's carbonation, resulting in a consistent stream of bubbles and the retention of a head on the beverage. When the rough surface on the bottom of the glass comes into touch with the beer, the CO2 attaches to it and then releases into the liquid. As a result, there is a continual stream of bubbles rising in the beer, which promotes head retention. This also helps the beer remain aesthetically pleasing, and, most significantly, it increases the fragrance and flavour you experience. However, if you're the type to cradle or nurse a beer for a long time or if you're drinking a high ABV beer and savouring it leisurely, the release of CO2 will cause your beer to go flat a little faster if it isn't entirely drunk within thirty minutes to an hour.

Now, you have the necessary equipment; you purchased the alcohol; you choose the mixers, your home bar is nearly finished. You only need the correct glassware now. When it comes to beer glassware, it's easy to become overwhelmed or obsessed with having the perfect glass for every occasion. There are so many different styles and types of glassware that you could need in your home bar, depending on your style and what you drink. We are happy to help you find the best glassware for any occasion and hope

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