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Lagers Need Lovin' Too!

Hop 4-Pack - Each Glass Features a Different Hop

If you are a home brewer you know that Lagers are really hard to brew. They ferment for 30 days or longer (compared with 2 weeks for an Ale) they have very subtle flavors which means you don't get to hide any imperfections behind bold hops or robust coffee flavors. Meaning, you are going to taste every mistake you made.


When you consider it, it's absolutely astounding that the mass breweries like Budweiser can make a consistent tasting product out of 12 different breweries located all over the country. I'd bet I couldn't taste the difference from a St. Louis Bud Light vs. one brewed in Fairfield, CA. With how subtle that flavor is, that is really amazing.


I think the subtle flavor is why I often overlook Craft Brewed Lagers when I see them. I recently had one that made me realize I need to try these more often. The robust flavor you can get from a winter style lager or that crisp flavor you get from a Pilsner is a true testament to how talented these brewers are and it's just so delicious with so many foods! 

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