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If you want to attract women, you need to be Rockin' the Dad Bod!

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Ok this article is for all the gentlemen who like me are... how should I say this? Hmm. Curvy? Shapely? Festively plump? You know... "Rockin' the dad bod"!  

Beer Warning

Anywho, YALE researchers have recently completed a study that found that evolution has given us a win! In current society we have been sold this story that the "ideal" male body to attract a mate is for us to look like a Calvin Klein underwear model. Well, this recent study turns that all on it's head!

Turns out that "evolution" takes time! The innate wiring in a woman's brain is still attracted to men on the larger side. How is this explained? Well, from a historical sense, larger men were clearly better providers, they had so much to eat that their bodies were literally stuffed! 

Even as recently as the 1800s if you were "heavy" it meant that you were well fed which often meant wealthy. So it's understandable that this new supposed "epitome" of a male body with a wash board stomach is not innately desirable (yet anyhow). The hard wiring of evolution hasn't caught up with our modern times. Woohoo!

As if that were not enough... I've got more good news. Do you want the trifecta for attracting a mate? If you are an older man who is a bit... portly AND has kids you are GOLDEN! I'm ticking boxes here left and right... F*ya!

According to Yale professor Richard Bribiescas, men with more body fat will focus on their family. “This change in body composition not only causes men to shop for more comfortable trousers but also facilitates increased survivorship and, hypothetically, a hormonal milieu that would more effectively promote and support paternal investment,”

The study finds that females are naturally attracted to men who are good providers, can provide offspring, which proves fertility, and who have good genes and will live a long time. Sheesh, I really wish I knew this earlier. I've got to share this post with my wife... Apparently I'm a prime babe magnet! 

Source Book:

How Men Age


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