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5 Automatic Beer Brewing Machines for Craft Beer Drinkers

Craft beers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not surprisingly, that means that more and more people are interested in brewing their own craft beers at home. Traditional beer brewing is a long and complex process that often takes years to perfect. The good news, however, is that aspiring craft brewers have a much simpler option – automatic brewing machines. For those of you interested in brewing your own beer, the team at Cheers All explains five of the most popular automatic brewing machines.

Automatic Beer Brewing Machines


  1. The Grainfather. This machine offers the home brewer a fully electric, automatic brewer that completes mashing, sparging, boiling, and cooling in a single self-contained system.  This high-tech brewer is Bluetooth compatible allowing you to control the brewing process with your cell phone. The Grainfather has a five-gallon batch capacity, and the grain basket can accommodate up to 20 pounds of grain. An 1800 RPM pump and a wort circulation pipe function together to deliver uniform temperature in the mash, and there is a pump filter that restricts the grain and hops to the boiler for a bright, clear wort. The counterflow wort chiller cools the wort to five degrees above tap water in 20 minutes. Overall, the Grainfather takes the guesswork out of brewing and makes the entire process easy, even for the beginner brewer.
  2. BeerDroid Automatic Beer Brewer Machine. The world’s first fully automated personal brewer can brew 10 liters of beer at a time, is Wi-Fi compatible, and can be monitored and controlled using an app. Brewers enjoy the pre-set lager and ale brewing programs and the patented end of fermentation technology that come with the BeerDroid. You can also purchase any of the 40 different pre-prepared mixtures known as “Brewprints” to make the process even simpler.  The app will let you know when the fermentation process is finished, and your beer is ready.
  3. PicoBrew PICO Model C.  This affordable little brewing machine brews 5 liters of beer in about two hours but your beer won’t be ready to drink for 10-14 days. The Wi-Fi compatible PicoBrew uses pre-mixed containers referred to as PicoPaks that are much like the K-cups used to brew coffee. PicoPaks have coded labels that are recognized by the brewing machine which then adjusts the brewing protocol to specific pre-programmed instructions applicable to each PicoPak.
  4. The Beer Machine Model 2000. Inexpensive and user-friendly, the Beer Machine makes brewing simple. This compact machine makes two and a half gallons of beer per batch and fits in the refrigerator. Add the mix, yeast, and water to the machine, move it to the refrigerator after four days, and three days after that the beer is ready to drink. Unlike traditional brewing, the Beer Machine performs all the steps of brewing at the same time. Another plus is that there is no need to bottle the beer because the machine has carbonation and dispensing systems built into it that use standard CO2 cartridges. One downside is that the Beer Machine only offers four different mix options: wheat beer, Dutch lager, Irish Stout, and amber ale. 
  5. PicoBrew Zymatic. If you are ready for something more complex, the Zymatic might be for you. This serious, all-grain beer brewing machine comes with a library of proven recipe selections or you can create your own. All the brewing processes are scientifically managed by the software that is accessible from a computer, phone, or tablet. For brewers who are intimidated by all-grain brewing, the Zymatic takes care of all the processes independently, so constant monitoring is not necessary. Moreover, if you create a winning recipe, the Zymatic is guaranteed to re-create that recipe perfectly through sophisticated data tracking. Zymatic brews beer in about four hours and creates two and a half gallons of drinkable beer in 10-14 days.

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