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Do Craft Beer Glasses Matter?

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The explosion of craft breweries in the United States in recent years means it has never been a better time to become a craft beer connoisseur. As a craft beer lover, you likely take your choice of beer seriously no matter what the occasion may be. Do you apply the same high standards to your glassware choice? If not, youCheers All Be Hoppy Ultimate Pint Beer Glass should because as the team at Cheers All explains, in the world of craft beer, glasses matter.

The History of Glassware

Beer, in one form or another, has been around for thousands of years. As different cultures began creating their own unique recipe for beer, they typically created unique glassware as well. This is why we have so many different types of beer drinking glassware to choose from today. Simply associating a particular type of glass with a type of beer, however, is an oversimplification in today’s world of craft beers. The type of glass you choose when drinking craft beer has a direct and noticeable impact on your drinking experience.

Why Is Glassware Important?

When drinking a craft beer, the glass you drink from can enhance – or diminish – the aroma, flavor, and overall enjoyment of the beer itself. Ensuring that your glass is immaculately clean is paramount to a positive drinking experience because even minor impurities in a glass can wreak havoc with the flavor and consistency of the beer. In addition, the size, shape, and thickness of the glass you choose will affect every aspect of your experience including the color clarity, strength of the aroma, and quality of the head.

Types of Craft Beer Glasses

Now that you know why choosing the right glass for your craft beer is important, it is time to consider some of the more popular styles of glassware and the benefits of each:

  • Tulip – as the name implies, this glass is shaped like a tulip with stem at the bottom and a bulb shape that flares out at the top. Also known as a Belgian glass, this glass sends the aroma of the beer straight to your nose and is a good choice for Belgian ales and IPAs as well as Scotch ale.
  • Pilsner – this glass is tall and slender, widening slightly from the bottom to the top. This glass is made for bringing out the color, clarity, and carbonation of a pilsner beer while also supporting the head. This is an excellent choice for blonde ales and pilsners.
  • Chalice – shaped much like its ancient pewter counterpart, the chalice has a round bowl on top supported by a thick stem on the bottom. Along with supporting a foamy head, the chalice allows for deep sips of your beer. Perfect for strong dark ale.
  • British Imperial Pint – also referred to as a “nonic(k)” or “tumbler” this is the glass you will likely be drinking from if you order a pint of beer in a British pub. Similar to the American pint glass, the British Imperial Pint has a bulge toward the top and holds a full 20 ounces of beer for the serious beer drinker. Best used with pale, amber, and brown ales as well as stouts.
  • Weizen – this is a tall glass with thin walls. The glass flares slightly at the bottom and gradually widens toward the top. The Weizen is designed to show off the frothy head of German wheat beers as well as enhance the color and aroma of any craft beer.
  • Ultimate Pint Glass: A clever combination of the traits of these glasses combined to create a glass design that truly captures and showcases your beer for the best possible experience. The Ultimate Pint from Cheers All is available in 16 & 20 oz sizes.

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If you are a craft beer drinker, visit the Cheers All website to purchase glassware and other merchandise geared toward beer lovers.



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